All summer giving away a free service with your detail. Please See extra services.

auto detailing your ride will look brand new prices that won't gouge you.

The comfort of your own home to the convenience of your reception desk. We come to you. mobile auto detailing, dent repair

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Quality you can count on.

Fully liscened BC buisness. Reliablile and dependable from your internet right to your your door step. im John trying to grow my little buisness from the ground up. 10 years of automotive experience working in shops to give your vehicle not only a clean look but feel even better with a free inspection of fluids and filters. why settle for the rest when you deserve the best.Prism mobile auto detailing


High-Quality Products

We use only the finest products to detail your vehicles. Countless hours of research and planning has gotten us the products that are not only keeping your vehicle clean also protected from the uv rays and moisture. What you will get is unsurpassed shine with a boost of confidense. From a true automotive fanatic it's really all about your vehicle. 

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I'm a father raised my son since 9 months on my own. I know hard work accomishing the impossible.

my promise to you

 We strive to give you the best service with the best products. In hopes when we finally ask you to come take a look, your jaw drops a tear comes to your eye. It's like the day you drove it off the lot. We're here to bring back the good times and stretch out its youth so you can enjoy it for years to come. 

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Let your ride show its true colours.

welcome, and thank you for choosing prism detailing. We're a fully mobile automotive detailing company our service can be performed without use of your power or water supply.  Completly mobile for your convenience. first what will happen is I pull up with my ride showing its true colours red rims red underglow. Set up the equipment pop up tent and put on our white gloves. From your dash to your vents and speaker cracks no spec of dust survives. Vacume, steam cleaning and shampoo after. Your ride is sittin pretty. Exterior is where everyone else notices that you chose prism detailing. Your vehicle won't be transparent. Light will reflect all over the map 

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every vehicle deserves to not only look good but feel good as well.

im a full time worker with weekends and evenings free.

prism automotive detailing

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weekends anytime 

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Privacy Policy

all packages are based on set prices, we ask you to remove all personal belongings and valuables out of the vehicle. Unless we are granted to go into glove boxes or compartments we like to repsct your privacy. All work has a garintie and if not satisfied we will return and re do the service untill you are happy. If unable to we will fit you with a shop of our choosing covered by us untill your needs are met. Anything dome by any other detailing facility or vendor voids our garintie. rural areas(chilliwak, Vancouver,bunraby,richmond) is a 10 dollar charge for distance and time. thank you for choosing prism mobile detailing. you deserve only the best. let your ride show its true colors.